Even as a small child, Anesti Vega has been mesmerized by all the things this amazing world (and universe) has to offer. Being born in New Orleans in 1982, he proceeded to travel around the world with his family to further his worldly perspective. After settling down in Florida, Anesti was involved in sports such as soccer and wrestling, but was still a bit socially awkward and spent most of his time reading. His main topics of interest were history, philosophy and world religions. Wanting more than just reading and seeing pictures in books and encyclopedias, the motivation to go out and experience as much as possible was subdued by strict parents.

Reading about feudal Japan and stories of the Samurai and Ninja clans, followed up by watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and G.I. Joe with the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow characters left Anesti in awe of the fluidity and gracefulness of these dangerous self defense methods. By the time he was 11,  Anesti was introduced to the video game, Mortal Kombat, that was on a friend’s Sega Game Gear. That spawned what would go on to become a lifelong dedication to the martial arts. After doing his best to practice and mimic the techniques he saw in the backyard, his mother signed him and his brother up at the local Tae Kwon Do academy.

After graduating high school and becoming of age, Anesti thought the best way to see the world was to join the U.S. Army. This led to some great travels, sights, and experiences… but not always under the best of circumstances. Along that path, Anesti discovered a natural talent for marksmanship in many different weapon systems, as well as a passion for recreational skydiving after his time as a paratrooper. After serving his time in the Army in 2004, Anesti returned back to his training in the martial arts, which served as his portal to new adventures and travels. Traveling and cross training in many styles with different masters helped him continue to develop higher levels of wisdom and a strong warrior mindset.

Then he had a complete shift in paradigm when he had children. By 2010, Anesti gained new focus on the success he wanted his children to have, the lifestyle he wanted to provide for them, and most importantly, the legacy he personally wanted to leave behind. New hobbies were developed that his children could experience with him, such as fishing, shark tooth hunting on the beaches of Florida and treasure hunting with metal detectors. Great emphasis was also placed on embracing cultural and indigenous roots such as Capoeira and archery.

As a member of the Tupinambá in Brazil, Anesti takes a decolonized approach to environmental conservation efforts through Indigenous sovereignty and stewardship. He supports Indigenous leaders being at the forefront of environmental justice and just transition movements to educate and guide them as the original stewards of these lands and waters. Anesti leverages his adventures and experiences toward Indigeneous youth leadership development in environmental sciences and conservation.

Anesti is very blessed and thankful for the success so far and continues to stay motivated and utilizes the confidence, discipline and respect learned from his elders and his experience toward everything that he will continue to do. His dedication to leaving the world a better place builds a strong foundation for not only his family, but for his community and future generations as well.




Anesti Vega is a SCUBA Divemaster, Conservationist, and Environmental Justice Warrior. He is a member of the Tupinambá Tribe of Brazil and takes a decolonized approach to conservation efforts through Indigenous sovereignty and stewardship. He is also a Filmmaker, Digital Media Strategist, & Communications Professional. Other adventures include Martial Arts, Archery, Fencing, Mountain Climbing, Skydiving, & more. Enjoy!